Monday, June 10, 2013

Love for Polish

I wanted to share the latest nail color that I purchased! This color is by China Glaze called Passion for Petals. I'm not a huge fan of China Glaze because their brush/wand is too thin. As opposed to O.P.I. where their brush/wand is thicker; so when you brush on your polish it covers more of your nail and minimizes the strokes it takes to cover your nail. So with China Glaze, I feel you can see more of the stroke lines...or that could be because I do my own mani and I haven't gotten it down to a science yet?! HAHA! Either way, I LOVE all kinds of polish!

Here's my mani and how it turned out! I hope the color is as accurate and gorgeous as it is in person!!

Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions!!

Nighty Night!! XO

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