Tuesday, April 8, 2014

~18 Weeks~

Hi there!!

So I will be 19 weeks pregnant this Thursday, but figured I would do an update at 18 weeks. Just because I haven't done any kind of update in a while. My belly has finally popped and I am having a much harder time sleeping at night. I'm a tummy sleeper and I cannot lay on my tummy any longer. Boo!! Anyway, we've been so busy over the last few weeks since my last post. I was a bridesmaid in my sister-in-law's wedding on March 20th. It was a very nice wedding! And along with doing some remodeling in our house and decorating, it's been quite the schedule for me to try to keep up with myself. I still don't have my cute framed chalkboard that I made fixed yet. I'm telling you...I've been so busy...AND exhausted! I have a bump pic to share.

I'm definitely starting to fill out more! I can't wait to actually be comfortable in a pair of jeans...even if they are maternity jeans! Hahaha!!

How far along? 18 weeks, 19 on Thursday!
Total weight gain: 5lbs! Not bad, I guess!
Maternity clothes? Still no maternity clothes. Been wearing mostly dresses, stretchy skirts and stretch pants/jeans (unbuttoned, of course).
Stretch marks? Still none, crossing fingers!
Sleep? Having a more difficult time sleeping! Tossing a turning trying to find a comfortable position.
Best moment this week: I actually started to feel the baby moving! It's the flutter/tickle feeling. It's awesome! I put my phone up to my belly and played some music. The baby moved to where I was holding the phone at. It was so awesome!
Miss anything? Same as before...miss my favorite jeans! Don't remember having to give them up so soon with my other 2 pregnancies! Boo!!
Movement? YES!!! The flutter/tickles...not the real movement or kicking yet.
Food cravings: Let's see...avocados, tomatoes, grilled cheeses, bacon...anything salty, really! 
Symptoms: I still have the random headaches! So annoying! And of course the constant back pain.
Labor signs? Nope
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time? I would say happy? I'm kinda neutral on this one!
Looking forward to? Thursday...we have our 19 week ultrasound appointment...yup, the gender reveal!
Boy or Girl? Will find out Thursday!! We are so ready to find out for sure what it is!

Well that's about as much as an update I have right now! Nothing too crazy or exciting. 

I'll be back with some beauty posts! I'm so ready to get back into the stuff I love! Hair, nails and makeup!! :)

Happy Tuesday, cupcakes!