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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love for Polish 3

Hello again my sweet peas!!

Today, I wanted to share my manicure that I did last night! Because I'm obsessed with this collection that I just bought! I bought a 3-pack of nail polish from China Glaze from their Sunsational Collection. These colors are FABULOUS!!! All the colors are perfect for that tanned, sun-kissed skin!! Again, I've done a review on a China Glaze nail polish before HERE so I won't review the actual polish because they're all pretty much the same...they aren't that great because of the nail brushes (bristles) being too thin! Otherwise, I love their colors!! They're all so fun and I'd wear almost all the China Glaze colors!
The color I chose for my manicure this time was the Sun of a Peach! It's the perfect subtle peachy, orange color! I can't wait to try the other colors in this collection!

The Mini Sunsation Collection: Neon & On & On, Highlight of My Summer, and Sun of A Peach

And here is what the colors look like on my you can tell in the bottom picture you can slightly see the paint strokes on a couple of my I said in my review before that you would probably have to apply 2-3 coats to cover and hide those paint strokes. (I only did 2 applications)

Anyway, I hope you guys love this color as much as I do!! What colors are you loving right now?




Monday, June 10, 2013

Love for Polish 2

I'm a feign for nail polish! And when I'm feeling down or upset, I like to buy nail polish or makeup to make me feel better! Let's be honest here, we all need a little retail therapy to make us girls feel much better! So I bought a new nail polish and I'm in love with it! It's OPI: You're Such a Budapest! This is from OPI's Euro Centrale Collection! This is so gorgeous and is perfect for spring/summer! It's a beautiful shade of a periwinkle/lavendar color!

Hope you adore this color as much as I do!! What colors are you wearing for this spring?





Monday, June 10, 2013

Love for Polish

I wanted to share the latest nail color that I purchased! This color is by China Glaze called Passion for Petals. I'm not a huge fan of China Glaze because their brush/wand is too thin. As opposed to O.P.I. where their brush/wand is thicker; so when you brush on your polish it covers more of your nail and minimizes the strokes it takes to cover your nail. So with China Glaze, I feel you can see more of the stroke lines...or that could be because I do my own mani and I haven't gotten it down to a science yet?! HAHA! Either way, I LOVE all kinds of polish!

Here's my mani and how it turned out! I hope the color is as accurate and gorgeous as it is in person!!

Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions!!

Nighty Night!! XO

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