Monday, March 10, 2014

First Trimester Life Savers!

Alrighty folks!! I'm still trying to get back into the swing of blogging. It's tough to find the time to sit down and write when I've got 2 little monkeys hanging on my back (and one growing in my tummy) wanting my constant attention and love, our new home that is needing some decorating TLC and the normal everyday work schedule. Somehow, I will figure out the happy balance! I will, darn it! :)

I know in my last post I said I was going to make a chalkboard tracker and write a DIY post on it and add baby bump pics. Well, we had a small malfunction a day or 2 after I made the darn thing, so I have to re-make a small part of it. Once I do, I'll be sure to share my lovely experience making something like this for the first time. It's quite me, anyway! Hahaha! As for the baby bump pics, I still haven't taken any because I truly do not have anything to show off yet. It literally just looks like I haven't gone to the bathroom in a week...or maybe 2. It's just mostly bloat! But, I promise, by this weekend I will have both of them up to share.

Today I wanted to share some of my life savers that got me through my first trimester. I am finally out of that nasty 13 weeks and am happy to say I did it...insert pat on back! ;) For some of you who have been pregnant before and have experienced some pretty bad symptoms know what I'm talking about (i.e. morning sickness, fatigue, swelling, constipation...and the list goes on). I've experienced both sides of pregnancy. With my first, I didn't encounter any symptom other than being really tired and wondered what all the other moms I knew were complaining about? I just didn't understand?! Then came my second pregnancy and I found out what the morning sickness/nausea was all about! Finally with this pregnancy, I pretty much experienced it all!! I fell back on a few things that I was hopeful would take away some of the awful symptoms of growing a human being inside of me!

First things first - SALTINES!!!

These babies were the first thing I had to turn to! From the moment I would wake up to the moment I would lay my head down to my pillow, I had a saltine cracker in my hand! My stomach felt that it needed something in it at all times. Right after I would eat a meal I would need to eat a cracker or two to settle my tummy. No matter what I ate, shortly after I would have to nibble on one of these suckers to make that pain go away. I swear by saltine crackers! If I could hug a saltine, I would!
Next up - WATER!!!
I know, it seems so blah and it's something everyone needs on a daily basis. But when you're pregnant and probably with as many SALTine crackers I inhaled everyday, my feet and fingers would swell by the end of the day! The only ever time I had swollen feet was with my first pregnancy and it was because of high blood pressure. So I don't take swelling limbs lightly. Being pregnant, you should increase your water intake anyway, but I have a newfound love for water! Mmmmm!
So many times throughout my life I have been told that peppermint candies soothe an achy tummy. I never believed it, nor did I ever have peppermint candies lying around. Only an occasional candy cane during Christmas. It just so happened, at my work there was a bucket full of these little guys and I figured now was the time to see if it really works. IT DOES, PEOPLE!! I PROMISE!! Suck on one of these little things and your little belly will calm down and you will be back to normal until the next bout of nausea comes along and you need your saltine intake. ;)
I'm sure everyone at some point in their lives have experienced some level of constipation! It's a silly topic to talk about because who really wants to talk about their bowels? But leave it to me...because I have no shame and I'm just brutally honest and open! With that said, being pregnant takes your constipation to an all new level! To make it a little easier on your bum and tummy...any kind of fiber will do the trick. I prefer oatmeal. It's quick and tasty!
I'm happy to report that I don't have a stash of saltine crackers or peppermint candies in my drawer at work nor on my dresser at home. I've passed that awful first trimester and looking forward to the wonderful second trimester where you feel a little more like yourself and your belly should pop, if it hasn't already! Hopefully these things that helped me through that difficult time will help some of you!
I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!!
Love and Hugs,

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